Michele Oberholtzer

The Role of A Witness

Modern creatures, we must remember that we are essentially the products of a long and slow evolution. That, in the course of that time, everything we saw was both Here and Now. It was necessary to react to what we saw to maintain social order, to protect ourselves, to simply […]

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Thank You/Please Vote

Thank you for supporting Michele. Thank you for offering your talents, donating your hard-earned pennies, and spending your nights & weekends knocking doors and making phone calls with us. Thank you for sharing our posts and telling your friends, family, and neighbors about Michele. Thank you for believing in a […]

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FREEP Endorsement

FREEP Endorsement Let’s keep this brief. I thought you’d want to know that our campaign earned the highly coveted endorsement of the Detroit Free Press. Here’s what they had to say: Candidates of MICHELE OBERHOLTZER‘s caliber don’t come along every day.  As director of Detroit-based nonprofit United Community Housing Coalition tax […]

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