July 29, 2018

Head Heart Hustle Herald: Musical Chairs

Head Heart Hustle Herald

Sunday, July 29nd Edition

Musical Chairs

A political campaign is quite an amazing thing. First, you have to find a crack in the infrastructure of government- a seat up for election. Then you have to file paperwork and basically begin a start-up company whose product is a person’s values and efficacy. Then you have to concentrate those values, the experience, the policy points into a mixture that can be launched through the cannon of internet, media, literature and spoken word into a massive collective action wherein, on one pre-appointed day, enough people scribble with their pens next to a given name to propel that person into a position of authority. It’s like a highly competitive game of musical chairs and no one truly knows who is going to get a seat until the big day.

There are strategies and tips for how to “do it right. But each candidate learns them and uses them against each other so there is no one formula for how to win. The only thing that’s for sure is that someone will take that seat, and that it will take a lot of work to get there.

The media is on these days! If you want to read up on your favorite candidate, here are a few highlights of the week:


My commercial is still making the rounds! If you haven’t seen it, watch here.

I am officially done with work until election day (well, other than a meeting tonight). We received much-needed extension on our right of refusal project to help residents of foreclosed homes save their homes before auction, but time has been against us and, me in particular, because of its perfect timing with my campaign. We received on extension that held me at work longer, and then another one til the end of August which means I was able to get outta there with relatively little guilt.

I am so proud of my team. I am so proud of what we are accomplishing. I have been catching moments of nostalgia all summer long- not only because there is a chance I’ll have a new job soon, but because I know that what we are doing is significant in the course of the lives of our clients, and maybe even in the life of the city.

Last Tuesday, I sent out a survey to ask supporters about their volunteer interest/capacity. The results are in! Half of respondents said they had volunteered for me already and half had not. ALL respondents implied they hadn’t done as much as they wanted to, and most really didn’t know why. Here is my retort to the various responses:


  • All help is needed, all help is appreciated. Thank you to all who have helped in any and all ways you have supported me.
  • Please abandon this idea that there’s plenty of time left. There’s not. People are making their choices NOW about who they will vote for on August 7thand we need to be in the conversation. I need your help any and every day including August 7th.  Sign up here or just contact Molly at
  • Please abandon this idea that enough other people are helping so you don’t have to. The type of chance I want to be a part of only works through activism in the truest sense: you feel something, you figure out what you can do about it, and then you do it.

How can you help between now and August 7th? We’ll make it real easy for you. You can fill out our volunteer for form or just copy/paste the text below and shoot an email to saying:

  • “Sign me up for a shift on election day”
  • “I want to knock doors between now and August 7
  • “I want to make phone calls between now and August 7”
  • “I will find friends that live in Michele’s district and urge them to vote for her”
  • “I will donate so we can pay those who want to help but can’t afford to volunteer their time.”
  • “I will ask my friends to donate.”

Yesterday was full of magic.

I officially achieved a life goal when I encountered this beautiful yard-sign line up. Vote straight ticket for awesome females!

I picked up a pair of vintage roller skates at a yard sale and knocked doors in them.

While door-knocking, a man crossed my path and I introduced myself and extended my hand to give him a flier. He held up his hand and said “save it for someone else, I already voted for you.”

DSA gathered a very large and very amazing group to knock on doors for me and Joel Battterman, candidate for Wayne County Commissioner. We covered the North End and got done in a day what might normally take a week! Yay!

Our amazing campaign manager, Molly, celebrated a birthday. If we win, it has lots and lots to do with her. Just saying.


Your candidate,


July 29, 2018

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