Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

“Michele’s heart is in the right place. It is because of her passion, commitment, and record of accomplishment in helping others that I am strongly supporting her election for State Representative. She’ll be a legislator who makes sure no one is forgotten.”

Out of 110 State Representatives in Lansing, the city of Detroit is only represented by 10. We need to elect the best of the best.

For years, Michele Oberholtzer has fought day and night for our neighbors who were at risk of losing their homes. As we are all being told to “stay home,” there are thousands of people across Detroit who can do that because of the work of Michele and others like her.

Rev. Horace Sheffield

“We know what we will get what we’re supposed to get, have what we’re supposed to have, if Michele Oberholtzer is elected state rep. And I proudly, enthusiastically endorse her for state representative.”

When I decide to support people, I generally do it on the basis of what folks have already done. I think that people who run for public office ought to be there as a continuation of public support, public work in which they’ve already engaged in, which we all know you, Michele, have.

 You bring already a passion and a platform and for particular people that you have in your heart that you want to support. You’re not going to stop! You’re not going to let people to do it later or maybe have a softer way. We need a voice! We need a voice not just for the next Detroit but the best Detroit.

Ted Phillips

“In more than 30 years directing UCHC I’ve never had a better or assertive advocate for the rights of our clients than Michele.”

And so she’s taken something that has been a really horrible problem for the city and made it a positive opportunity by creating homeownership. 

I know she’s always somebody that’s looking for ways to help people, to resolve problems. And she’s exactly what we need in Lansing. We need people who have worked on the front lines and understand the problem and then sit down to draft solutions. We do not need folks who have never been among those who have needs and who just think up things. 

In the 36 years I have been an attorney and the 32 that I’ve been at United Community Housing Coalition, I’ve had the great fortune to work with a number of wonderful folks but I have not had anyone who have been more passionate, more committed than Michele is. 

Donna Givens and Orlando Bailey, Authentically Detroit

“It is our honor to endorse our friend and colleague, Michele Oberholtzer. Michele has been a champion of housing equity in the city of Detroit by doing the work on the ground to keep thousands of Detroiters in their homes while in the midst of a property tax foreclosure crisis.”

More than just an advocate, Michele is a problem-solver and implementer who balances her passion with razor-sharp analysis, excellent written and verbal communications and a proven commitment to getting the work done.

As Authentically Detroit celebrates one year of penetrating the airwaves with information and resources to Detroiters, Michele has been a trusted ally by sharing her expertise to help build inclusive plans to provide access to housing. Michele has answered every call to serve as a panelist, keynote speaker, and counselor with joy and conviction.

Michele’s vision for the future is audacious and broad and we as the hosts of the Authentically Detroit podcast and as Eastside residents share in that vision.

2018 Endorsements Revisited

Detroit Free Press

“Candidates of Michele Oberholtzer’s caliber don’t come along every day.

As director of Detroit-based nonprofit United Community Housing Coalition tax foreclosure prevention project, Oberholtzer has worked tirelessly to help struggling Detroiters keep their homes. It is thankless, difficult work, and her boundless commitment to the people she serves bespeaks the kind of dedication she’d bring to Lansing.

Detroit Metro Times

Michele Oberholtzer was named as one of “15 People Making Moves in Michigan” by the Detroit Metro Times on July 25, 2018.  and Metro Times’ Most Progressive Democrats in Michigan, sharing the honor with U.S. House Candidate Rashida Tlaib, and State Senate Candidate Stephanie Chang.