Vote on or before election Day: August 4, 2020

In both the full and partial term 

We need leadership that is absolutely focused on the essentials.

I am offering myself to represent Michigan’s 4th District as a State Representative to build government in service to its people. I will advocate for affordability, accessibility and equity in life’s essentials: with a focus on housing and water. I will fight for funding for our district, including financial intervention for people and institutions affected by covid-19. I will fight to end water shut-offs, tax foreclosure, evictions, and emergency management in our communities. I will fight to fund the schools and defund the systems of incarceration.

What sets me apart is my ability to get the job done. I have vast experience working with thousands of residents fighting for their homes. I have created and implemented programs that have stabilized homes across Detroit. I have worked with an against government to keep water on, keep roofs over heads. I have envisioned and advocated for laws that make life a little easier.  I will go beyond good ideas and good rhetoric to implement policies that put people first and focus on our essential needs.

 I work daily to preserve home ownership in Detroit and bring justice to the ongoing housing crisis. I care deeply about my work and I am grateful for the chance to positively impact people’s lives, but, it is not enough to do good work in a bad system; we need to change the rules of the game. I want to align our laws with the people they are meant to serve. I hope I can earn your support.

With gratitude,

      Michele Oberholtzer

Read more about my policy plans here

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