These are delicate times,

we need leadership that is absolutely focused on the essentials. 

My name is Michele Oberholtzer. I am offering myself as a candidate to represent Michigan’s 4th District as a State Representative in order to create policies that serve its people. We must work to bring accessibility, affordability and justice to the essentials for life- housing, food, water and health.

As Director of the Tax Foreclosure Prevention with United Community Housing Coalition,  I work daily to preserve home ownership in Detroit and bring justice to the ongoing housing crisis. I care deeply about my work and I am grateful for the chance to positively impact people’s lives, but, it is not enough to do good work in a bad system; we need to change the rules of the game. I want to support healthy homes and families, to nurture equitable education, justice systems, and economies, to end emergency management, water shutoffs, and tax foreclosure. I want to align our laws with the people they are meant to serve. I hope I can earn your support.

Please consider this an open call to ask me your questions, determine if I am worthy of your support, and build solutions together. When we provide for basic needs and build strong roots, the sky is the limit on what we can accomplish.

With gratitude,

      Michele Oberholtzer

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