Government can Stop Government Foreclosure

Real ways that local government can stop tax foreclosure now. As featured in the Detroit Free Press Guest Column Edition February 11, 2018 If you’re anything like me, you feel a little sick when you hear that yet another 36,000 Detroit properties are facing tax foreclosure this year. Tax foreclosure […]

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Forward March

One year ago, we watched in collective horror as the wheels of American government churned forward on an unwavering track into a impossible reality: Donald Trump became our president. This man is the personification ego, an insult to community and true patriotic values, a terrifying lesson that the rational edifice […]

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TIME: A Year Ago, They Marched. Now a Record Number of Women Are Running for Office

TIME Magazine attended the Women’s Convention in Detroit and published this great story about the wave of first-time female candidates pursuing elected office in post-Trump America. Spoiler: Michele is on the cover! Select quotes here: “In 2016, they were ordinary voters. In 2017, they became activists, spurred by the […]

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Happy New Year!

Friends and supporters, A new year gives us a special opportunity to look forward with hopeful expectation and also to look back, reflecting on all that we have done and learned. Here at the campaign, we thought it would be fun to take this opportunity to share a little about Michele’s past with you. As […]

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Why I am Running: A Message from Michele

  Dear friends, For the past twenty years, we have been in an age whose motto seems to be “It’s the economy, stupid.” The national mindset has been focused on quantifying, commodifying, privatizing and corporatizing our society. From this mindset, the purpose of government is business, and the strength of […]

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A note from the Campaign Manager

  Friends and supporters, For the last year I have worked as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. One of the most influential moments I had in that role took place at a training I attended with other social service providers in the city. The trainer asked all of the […]

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