January 21, 2018

Forward March

One year ago, we watched in collective horror as the wheels of American government churned forward on an unwavering track into a impossible reality: Donald Trump became our president. This man is the personification ego, an insult to community and true patriotic values, a terrifying lesson that the rational edifice of democratic government can produce outcomes that are completely contrary to our collective well-being. In Trump’s world, the only value is “winning,” and therefore, the more power we give him to Win, the more the rest of us Lose.

It is so much easier to destroy than to create, and living through Trump’s regime is an exercise in daily destruction. The vigilance and the work that it takes just to mitigate this damage is exhausting, overwhelming and insufficient despite our best efforts. How fitting that the Federal Government is literally shut down one year after his inauguration.


If we’ve learned nothing from the last year, it’s that we can’t assume that the people in charge are more qualified to do the work that needs doing, so we have to put ourselves in those positions.

Last year, I marched out of desperation, fear, and hope.

This year, I am taking steps toward creating the reality I believe in by running for office myself.

Next year, hopefully I will be an elected official.

Even, then, I will be one of many in a massive state and national system, and the work will only just be beginning, but it will be another step in the right direction.

January 21, 2018

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