Labor econony plan

Labor & the Economy Policy Plan

We need the economy to work for everyone. We need to make sure people working full-time can earn a living wage, stand up for worker protections, ensure that large corporations contribute to our tax base, and support those who are not employed with public works projects, social security, and unemployment support. Unemployment rates in Detroit are nearly double state and national rates, and are spiraling out of control due to the covid-19 pandemic.


Support Working Families

  • Support minimum wage levels that track with cost of living expenses, starting at $15/hr minimum wage (also increase tipped minimum wage). A person who works full time should earn enough money to provide for themselves and their family.
  • Reform our policy of paid leave, and support families who are raising children and taking care of relatives.
  • Extend unemployment benefits, remove job search reporting which merely increases bureaucracy, not employment. Fund the unemployment office to handle applications timely.
  • Create public works projects that offer job opportunities to unemployed and underemployed residents, providing pay while investing in our infrastructure and public spaces.

Support our Unions

  • Support workers’ rights to unionize and a union’s right to collective bargaining.
  • Reinstate Prevailing Wage to ensure fair wages to construction workers on state-financed projects, and protect workers from being exploited by the government.
  • Workers in the process of unionizing must be protected from losing their jobs. No one can be fired for joining a union.
  • Increase protections for workers compensation claims

Fight for Fair Employment

  • Address employment discrimination, and ensure that people of color, women, LGBTQ+, and differently-abled people have equal opportunities for employment.
  • De-couple health insurance from employment to reduce administrative burdens on small business.