July 1, 2018

Head Heart Hustle Herald: Some Beauty in the World

Head Heart Hustle Herald

Sunday, July 1st Edition

“Some beauty in the world”

Hello dear friends,

It’s hot ya’ll! We are knocking doors in this 100-degree heat because time is marching on and there are only so many minutes in the day! I have been invited into people’s homes to enjoy the A/C, witnessed children playing in the jet-stream of a fire hydrant, and have enjoyed many candid conversations with people in search of a breeze on front porches.


The greatest joy of the week came from witnessing the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her congressional race in New York. She pounded the sidewalks of the Bronx and Queens to turn out the vote,

One notable aspect to Ocasio-Cortez’s victory is that she raised $40,000 to her opponent’s $3 million. Many are attributing her success against those odds to her powerful volunteer network. I agree! Volunteers KNOW the candidate, understand why they want that person to win and are willing to go beyond the singular action of voting to put in time and energy to convincing others that they have a true advocate on the ballot. Please join me. You can help ANY TIME your schedule allows, just don’t wait til after August 7th. Sign up at this link or just email

“There is nothing radical about moral clarity.”

       -Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


As a candidate, I am asked my age more than at any other time in my life and my answer is about to change because I have a birthday coming up. I’ll be 33 on Friday, July 13th.

Every year for my birthday, I ask the people who want to give me a gift to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do and then tell me about it. My “gifts” are stories of silly adventures or dares that people give themselves or successes against procrastination. This year, I want to put a little twist on it and ask people to do a good deed for their community. Here’s how it will work:

Between now and July 13th, I want you to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do on behalf of another person. You might mow your neighbor’s lawn, pick up litter, donate to a good cause, clean up an alleyway, babysit for a tired parent, cook dinner for someone going through a hard time, or whatever.

Be creative, bring some beauty to the world, spread some love.

Then, please tell us about it! You can share online by linking to our Instagram or Facebook accounts using the tag “HustleForANeighbor”. If you don’t have social media, email us back a story and we’ll figure out the rest. Let’s build a collection of reminders that we care for one another! Mark your calendars for events on both July 13th and 14th. Details coming soon.


As always, feel free to contact me directly at 313-770-0818 or

Until next week, your candidate,


Your candidate,


July 1, 2018

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