July 8, 2018

Head Heart Hustle Herald: Against the Odds

Head Heart Hustle Herald

Sunday, July 8th Edition

Against the Odds

Exactly five years ago, I took the first steps down what would ultimately add up to a 700-mile solitary hike across the deep reaches of Northern Michigan. I traveled “from Leelenau to Keewenaw” in a physical and spiritual journey to realign with my path and my values. That hike was the first thing I’ve ever done that was truly on my own. It taught me how strong I was (I regularly completed over 20 or 30 miles a day with my pack on), how brave I could be, and that big dreams were made up of collective dedicated actions. This trip permanently returned me to my home state of Michigan, indoctrinated me into becoming a writer, helped me build up my physical strength, and, most importantly, put me deeply in touch with the strength of my GUT. I didn’t think about it at the time but this trip was the original “head, heart, hustle.” I never could have imagined the road that trail has led me to, but I know it’s prepared me well. It stirs my soul to reflect back on the time and the changes since I took those hopeful steps into the unknown.

As I have already shared, my team at United Community Housing Coalition found ourselves in the center of the settlement with the ACLU and the City of Detroit. The program we have been working toward all year is culminating this month, and we are working doggedly to take advantage of this crucial time to stop homes from going up for auction in the first place so they can stay in the possession of the families that already live there.

As is my habit, I created an online fundraiser to ensure that anyone who wants to help can do so:  The Auction Block

Apparently, time is marching forward. There is less than one month until election. On August 7, I will discover if I am on my way to becoming the next State Representative of my community or not. I have been working very hard to operate from a place of hope rather than fear, but I am conscious of that post-deadline feeling where I think to myself “I should’ve done more.” I don’t want to have to feel that way on August 8th.

If you support me and you feel that you have more to give, please show your support by showing up! We can use help every day in many ways. If you live far away, you can still make phone calls or help with social media or fundraising in your community. If you live nearby, you can knock on doors or help at upcoming events.

We need you now and we especially need you on election day.


I wrote this article a few years ago describing the experience of knocking on doors in my community to get out the vote: A Patriot is Born- Hamtramck USA. The take-away is, it feels really good to help.

I turn 33 on Friday the 13th! We are hosting a very fun community gathering to celebrate being good neighbor. Please join us! Details here:

If you are trying to figure out what you could possibly do as a “good deed,” Please consider donating to UCHC’s effort to save homes from auction or help out with the campaign.

Your candidate,


July 8, 2018

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