Democracy and Municipal Funding

Democracy and Municipal Funding

We need policies that respect our democracy and restore the power of the vote. We need fair elections and clean government. We need advocates for true democracy. Local governments face severe budget shortfalls and need federal and state support.

Emergency Management

  • Repeal emergency management- we must not cancel Democracy merely because of budget shortfalls.
  • Replace with Emergency Financial Management policies which do not remove executive functions of elected officials, but allow for financial intervention.

Municipal Funding

  • Enforce revenue sharing requirements from state to municipal governments. Require compliance of revenue sharing as a pre-requisite to any emergency financial management.
  • Seek and accept federal aid for Medicaid, covid-19 response efforts, and other areas of need
  • Create public banking to limit interest rates and increase control over municipal funds for infrastructure, public works, and individual use.

Voter Suppression

  • End car insurance redlining, and not allow car insurance zip code determinants to act as a form of voter suppression. Voters should not be hesitant to register to vote at their current addresses for a fear of an increase in their car insurance rates.
  • Allow voting among incarceration populations and ensure that people who were formerly incarcerated are fully aware that they are eligible to vote.


  • Require that all bodies of government be subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  • Reform campaign finance laws to require financial disclosures for all PAC, Super PAC and campaign-related 501(c)4 expenditures.
  • Require lobbyists to disclose funding sources and implement “revolving door” protections for legislators who seek to become lobbyists.