March 19, 2018

How can YOU support a political campaign you believe in?

Dear friends,

We are over halfway through Women’s History Month and already we are overwhelmed with the incredible kindness and support we have received for the campaign! We are truly excited to see what 2018 brings for women running for office all over the country! This is truly “The Year of the Woman” with unprecedented numbers of female candidates stepping forward to serve in political office. We don’t do it for ourselves and we don’t do it by ourselves; this has to be a mutually supportive effort!

So, please take a moment to think about whether you support me as a future state representative. Do you think I would make a positive difference? Would you vote for me if you could? Once you decide if you support me, it’s time to figure out what that support looks like.

Here are a few of the ways you can support my campaign, as well as any other woman running for office this year:

Vote for me! Look at the map to see if you live in District 4 or know anyone who does. Let me know that I have your vote and connect your friends to my campaign!

Support us on social media. Social media is an easy way to lift up this campaign. We need support, funds and votes so it’s important to use this platform to spread the word. You can help get the word out by creating supportive posts about me, my candidacy, and my work. You can also help by sharing my posts, and inviting people to like my page.

Volunteer with our campaign. Door knocking starts April 1st, and we need volunteers for every task! We need people on phones, knocking on doors, filling out paperwork, and everything in between. We would love to take your interests and skills and put you in the role which suits you best!

Donate to my campaign. We need funds to pay for the stamps, gas, literature and other materials. We will stretch every dollar, but running this size of a campaign is expensive and every dollar counts! If you donate, please tell other people that you stepped up for a candidate that you believe in and maybe they will too!

Host a fundraiser, or a Meet & Greet at your home or a local business and invite everyone your network.

When you see an event shared to our page, share it with your network, and encourage them to attend.

Write letters to local media outlets, expressing your support of my local work and my candidacy, and requesting that they highlight me in future articles or segments.

Advertise my campaign by requesting a sign to put in your yard, or a t-shirt to wear around town.

If you would like to participate in any of these ways, please reply and let me know! As always, I remain deeply grateful for your support!


March 19, 2018

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